Greenland Ice Cap Water

– natural product and taste

Greenland Ice Cap Water originated thousands of years ago in the formation of the arctic circle. Across several ice ages Greenland Ice Cap Water has been frozen and preserved within the Ice Sheet east of Ilulissat in Greenland, which creates a unique encapsulation for one of the most valuable treasures on Earth - clean drinking water.  Available in 0,33 litre an 0,75 litre glass bottles.

Greenland Ice Cap Water is more pure / clean than any other brand in The World.


The taste of Greenland Ice Cap Water is a hundred procent natural – with good cause. After all anything that is perfect by nature requires no additives.

The special characteristics of Greenland Ice Cap Water are due to its originating from glacial ice, creating water of outstanding quality.

Due to its well-balanced flavor and outstanding quality, Greenland Ice Cap Water is the ideal refreshment for every occasion.

Contents per litre

TDS : < 5 ppm (The lower TDS the better)

Calcium < 1.0 mg

Natrium 0.5 mg

Magnesium < 1.0 mg

Kalium < 1.0 mg

Bicarbonat < 1.0 mg

Chloride 3.0 mg

Sulfat 0.6 mg

Instore – Natural advertising

Fresh, unspoiled and well-balanced are key signatures of this beautifully bottled Greenland Ice Cap Water. The coolness and breathtaking images of Greenlandic ice caps spring to mind when opening an Greenland Ice Cap Water bottle.

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Facts about pure water like Greenland Ice Cap Water

Pure water both lubricates and softens joints and tissue.

Pure water improves digestion.

Pure water removes toxins from your body. When the kidneys are overloaded, the body begins to defend itself and transforms muscles into fat,which builds up and retains toxins.

Pure water reduces headaches,fatigue, stress etc. The brain is 75 % water.

If you are dehydrated your skin will age faster.

Circulation - related illnesses can be corrected with pure water.

Calcification of the eyes can beremedied with pure water.

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