Greenland Ice Cap Water eqqiluinnerpaavoq annerunngitsumillu pissusissamisoorluinnartumik , silarsuarmi imeq eqqiluinnerpaasusilik TDS < 5 ppm.

Greenland Ice Cap Water piviusunngorsimavoq isdittorsuit pingornerata nalaani, ukiut tusindtilillit kingorna.Greenland Ice Cap Water pingortitaavoq sermeq mattoqutaa atatiinnagaaq Kalaallit nunaani. Asseqanngitsumik silarsuarmi erlinnarnerpaaq - imeq pissusissamisoorluinnartoq!

TDS: < 5 ppm

TDS: < 5 ppm

TDS is an expression of purity. The lower the cleaner.

Most drinking water products on the market have a TDS over 200 ppm.