Pissusissamisut avatangiisiminnit

– inuummarinnartoq, sungiussipilussimanngitsoq aammaalu allanngorsimanngitsoq

Imeq Arctic Ice Cap water piviusunngorsimavoq nunat issittut pingorneraniit ukiut tusindit kingorna. Sermersuaqarerata nalaaniit ilulissat pinngornikut saligaatsuutillugit paarineqarsimasut sermersuuaq Ilulissat kitaani kalaallit nunaani. Tamatorluinnaq pingorsimavoq silarsuarmi erlinnarnerpaaq - imeq pissusissamisoorluinnartoq.

Ilaannikkut pingortitap sermersuaq asserutarpai ilulianngortillugit, tamaalilluni sermit millionit siammaatarput Qeqertarsuup Tunuani, Ilulissat kitaani. Taamatorluinnaq imeq eqqiluinnerpaaq pissusissamisoortoq pingortitaavoq. Sermissup iminngornera puiaasamut immiunneqartarpoq, pingortitaanera qularnaarlugu.

Natural sustainability

We only extract water in a sustainable way that reflects the current lift and nature of Greenland

We pride ourselves in helding Greenland and the local population in creating growth and prosperity

We treat our products with the utmost care all the way from source to bottle

We follow the regorous guidelines set by the Greenland authoritiesrities Certification and Quality Guide for Greenland Ice and Water Ressources.

All bottles sold render a royalty to the Goverment of Greenland

This unique combination of vast water reserves, a growing demand for pure and clean water world wide and the benefits for the indigenous people of Greenland gives Greenland Ice Cap Water a sustainable platform for future business and investment.